Friday, January 13, 2012

DC needs to make a Terror Titans animated movie.

First off let me say that i think its high time and dare i say we get a Teen Titans movie!, with them cancelling Judas Contract (Or having Starcraft Ghost Syndrome) here in the present though we need a Teen Titans movie and i think this is an excellent way to begin.

Terror Titans should already have an appropriate rating, with Ravager in it that should automatically stamp on an R-rating? Its up in the air nerds and geeks i think it should have a moderate amount of blood and cursing and we'll be fine, plus it needs to be 1:30min+.

Thus marking the first appearances of a lot of DC Teen Titan characters like: Kid Devil, Ravager, and Wonder Girl (Cassie) they should have big scenes to show why the comic book world loves them and how awesome they are.

One of the most important things in this movie is action a team based off the Teen Titans you need to capitilize on the action that we need to see.

The Terror Titans themselves make the first animated debut so give a little back story on each member to get everyone caught up to speed on the new team trying to take out our Titans.

Dont get me wrong this isnt a straight beat em up animated movie by no means the story is also riveting and exciting esepcially where the Clock King is involved.

Speaking of Clock King HE'S CRAZY whoever voices for him should put a calm and collected tone to his absolute level of madness making us beleive thats what Clock King should sound like.

Contrary to popular belief The Dark Side Club are also a big part of this movie so there is something else to add into this new movie that deserves some spotlight.

Would be nice to be treated to a seperate battle sequnce between the Titans and the Terror Titans they should fight shortly seperatly and then be brought together as a team for a final show down.

Ravager gets some much needed screen time and should be doing so with the story and fighting.

Tim Drake and Ravager should fight just for kicks.... and punches... and dodges you get the idea a much needed fight that needs to happen just for nostalgia sake.

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