Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Marvel plans an Avengers 0 comic before the movie!

Well just when you think the already unbearable pain of hype for 2012 movie of the year candidate The Avengers hits theater's in March they will start the prologue for The Avengers movie.... IN COMIC FORM!

This four part series comic will take The Avengers Initiative to full force that was mentioned at the end of Iron Man and will fully be explained in the comic, while this is good news i also still have my issues with the movie runtime sure this comic would potentially take care of the introductions between the characters possibly at the same time would that still give a great movie such as this a 1:30min runtime when it deserves to be longer?  I wont know until or hopefully at the same time as you guys but my hype will not change until the movie officially comes out.

Marvel’s The Avengers Prelude #1 & #2 (Of 4)

Chris Yost & Eric Pearson
The very talented people who will be writing this

Luke Ross & Daniel HDR
The artists for the comic

Cover By Gerald Parel

The Newest Installment Of The Official Marvel Cinematic Universe Tie-In Comics Is Here Just In Time For The Avengers Movie!

 How Will S.H.I.E.L.D. Maintain The Status Quo In A World Full Of Gamma-Powered Rage Monsters, Hammer Wielding Gods And Men In Iron Suits?

What Exactly Is The Avengers Initiative?

If You Thought You Knew Everything There Was To Know About Director Nick Fury And The Elusive Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Think Again!

With all this information and march only three months away while the movie is five months away all i can say is... AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

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