Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dark Knight Rises... you've got some splaining to do

Some things i used my nerd detective powers to deduce is that we missed a very key part of the storyline The Dark Knight Rises is going with and a theory i have.

That's right guys the man himself Jean-Paul Valley aka Azrael might make his appearance in this movie, why you ask? Well since Bane broke Batman in the Knightfall story in the comics and it's obvious the movie is following that same plot to the T the movie will be no different and Batman aka Christian Bale will be crippled and weak by Bane played by Tom Hardy.

I do think that Joseph Gordon Levitt may have a bigger role than people think, to have worked with Chris Nolan on Inception another great movie i don't think he would have such talent only to be a Gotham City cop it would be a waste honestly of a great actor. He might take on the mantle of the Batman replacement since Bruce was left crippled and paralyzed with no way to defend Gotham on his own without help from his good friend Jean-Paul Valley. Do i think this is the route going for the movie? It could be i thought about all possible storylines involving Bane and what happened during Batman's Hiatus and Azrael popped into my head as the perfect character for this movie and is just as crucial to the storyline as Bane and his chaos.

I would love to see Chris Nolan's interpretation and introduction of Azrael into his real life Batman phenomenon, Joseph Gordon Levitt might have to explore his crazy psychotic side because Jean is a crazier and darker Dark Knight than Bruce ever could be and could go the mile that Bruce wont cross and possibly.... kill Bane!? I know it shocked me to when i thought of it. I already know were getting a great and beyond epic conclusion to the Dark Knight Rises and i can only imagine what more information closer to the movies final release could be, until then though stay tuned here for more news and theories i have.

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