Thursday, November 10, 2011

We voted for girl power and we got a She-pard

Well the votes are in (Actual votes and no cheating) and we have the first ever pics of the female shephard for Mass Effect 3 and she is more than capable of taking down reapers when Mass Effect 3 comes out.

Got to love a red head with a pistol in one hand and an energy sword on the arm with a look of murder in her eyes, cant wait to get my hands on that. Bioware has honored the She-pard  with her own trailer to prove that Earths last hope can be a ass kicking female with the same determination and drive as a male character. Its cool that we get more diversity especially in a game that were going to be spending  most of our time with a character like this.

We have alot to look forward to with her i know im excited to see a lot more of what she can do on the battlefield with her energy blade weapon and how the story is going to revolve around her character, maybe she can prove to be a worthy replacement for Shephard at the conclusion of his journey as she starts her's in future Mass Effect titles.

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