Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sorry zombies fans MW3 will not have em... but supports LAN though

Remember when Treyarch introduced the zombie mode to Call of Duty and everyone fell in love with it? Sad to burst your brains but its going to remain a Treyarch exclusive. Infinity Ward wont be turning to the flesh rotting side game this time around in Modern Warfare 3. Instead of the zombie mode Modern Warfare 3 instead offers a new mode called Spec-Ops Survival mode which is the premise behind zombies but its two players and sports realistic enemies (Don't shoot your TVs its not that real..... i hope still no shooting your TV.)

Refresh your memory if you will to a time when we had LAN before Xbox Live and online, guess what? MW3 is going to fulfill the classic dreams and make the new Call of Duty LAN compatible, so get ready to load up on snacks and soda and break out the Ethernet rope since LAN parties are back in business baby I'll be headhunting for noobs and drinking Mountain Dew.

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