Friday, October 7, 2011

Marvel Needs to make X-Men: Phoenix – Warsong into an animated movie

The sequel of sorts to Phoenix: Endsong if you will say so, this story however doesn’t revolve around Jean Grey (Why the hell am I writing about it then?) instead it revolves around the Stepford Cuckoos and the Astonishing X-men Team:

Another non M-rated movie folks nothing that up there on the violent scale happens in this series so the kids are safe to watch this and not be traumatized.

A piece of the Phoenix Force desperate for some sort of connection joins with the last trio of the Stepford Cuckoos.

Another Marvel animated movie first goes to Kid Omega who wakes up from a stasis sleep in Beast’s lab.

Emma’s got some bad girls on her hands you know, discovering that their bodies are basically a mysterious metal they begin to use their new found power boost thanks to the Phoenix Force. They learn they can read each other’s thoughts through binary faster than most other telepaths can keep up.

Should have the Stepford Cuckoos enjoy all the screen time they can get in this movie so give us a little back-story on their origins and where exactly they fit in.

Speaking of their origins the Powerpuff Cuckoos begin to mentally trap even the most powerful X-men telepaths into a state where they never wonder where the Stepford’s or the origins come into questions in their minds.

Emma Frost sure knows how to cook guys… oh wait till I tell you this: There are over 100 clone Cuckoos due to Emma’s ova gene, along with the help of John Sublime and Weapon Plus. Over one hundred little clones calling Emma there “Mother” which she accepts but to no avail because while all this is being discovered Celeste is now in charge of the Phoenix Force.

Throughout the rest of the movie we should be taken through a lot of roller coasters of emotions and action Phoenix Force kind of action of course, and a lot of betrayal and shocking twists to boot this sure has a lot more than people might think.

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