Thursday, October 6, 2011

Marvel needs to make Phoenix - Endsong into an animated movie

I just want everyone to know this is my official 100th post! whoo *confetti* I just want to thank all my fans out there who read my work, pass it around and help me know that i have a reason for doing what i love doing. You guys are awesome and the reason i love to blog and find news or talk about things that should be done. Here's to 100 blogs and to many many more.

Come on you think I would miss a chance to get on board and tell about one of my favorite Marvel storylines… (Not because I love Jean Grey and the phoenix force @_@) but yes let’s talk about the key things that can help make this animated movie great.

This doesn’t require my trademark M rating…. Gasp I know, nothing really out of the ordinary happened except for a naked Jean in a snowy north pole but snow can cover her drapes just fine.

Greg Pak has said “The biggest new character is actually the Phoenix Force it/herself, whom we're exploring as a thinking, learning sentient creature with a big and terrifying and moving emotional arc of her own." So with that being said let’s make the animated movie nothing less than what the comics gave us.

Needs more Jean Grey! No seriously she’s pretty much the star of this cosmic series.

The Shi’ar makes an appearance, only to resurrect the Phoenix Force in its dormant and “weakened” state in an effort to kill it forever. You know something goes wrong right? Like always you’d think the very interdimensional race they are chasing after the Phoenix Force for so long they would know not to do anything with bringing it back but low and behold they did it and they suffered for it.

Even without a host the Phoenix Force still escapes to Earth and resurrects its best house host Jean Grey, another shocker is that Wolverine finds her naked in a field, before the Shi’ar can fire on Jean the Phoenix Force teleports both Wolverine and Jean to the north pole as Logan begins to stab her repeatedly (Swiss Cheese anyone?) While Jean keeps coming back they learn their weakening the Phoenix Force little by little.

A lot of emotion should be seen in this kind of movie since Jean didn’t want to be resurrected as of yet she felt she came back “too early” Logan upset knowing he has to kill Jean yet again uttering his famous line “How many times do I have to kill you?”

The X-men arrive hooray in the North Pole on the blackbird and begin to fight Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force. Now this alone they shouldn’t screw up since they can use there imaginations and add some interesting fights in here for the fans. Why not have Rouge on the team and let her have a rematch with the Phoenix Force again? Or heck let someone like X-23 experience the Phoenix for the first time, Storm should get her powers put to the test against the Phoenix, since we’ve been wondering who would win in a brawl between the sisters, Phoenix Force would still win but Storm at full power is rarely seen and she should let loose in this fight. X-men cameos aside perhaps another team might want to try their hands at it? Maybe the X-force, Astonishing X-men, the list goes on but the members are limitless as long as it makes sense to the story.

The Phoenix tries to force itself onto two other hosts since Jean hasn’t been pulling her weight, First Scott with the memories of Jean as gravy to lure him and doesn’t work shock.

Then Ms. Emma Frost gets possessed of course her being the less powerful telepath she CANT CONTROL IT! In a last ditch effort to resurrect Sophie of the stefford cuckoos fails Scott realizes that the only person who CAN CONTROL IT is Jean and only Jean. 


  1. Agreed! In the x-men movies now, she's not that powerful character that the entire universe have all right to fear. She's just Cyclops girlfriend. And almost nothing more :/