Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Robin comes with fresh swag in Arkham Challenge Maps

The news of robin being in Arkham City was a breath of fresh air and a bit of sadness also, I loved the idea of playing as Tim Drake because I knew Bruce/ Batman was going to possibly need help in Arkham City. Seems weird that they would have Batman doing this big landscape alone since Batman had Batgirl and Robin to help him out when things got too much for him to handle. When more news that he was only exclusive to challenge maps I was in a debate like, Robin is in the game but not in the story? Left me thinking well which Robin is going to be included? The way the story is going if Barbara is already Oracle then it would have to be Tim Drake since the accident with her happened during that time line. Low and behold my nerd powers of deduction were right on the R on his suit and it is Tim Drake. The images below are our boy Tim in new threads just ready to challenge anything in his way: Red Robin, Regular Tim in his Arkham City look, and Batman the Animated Series Tim.

Got to say I love the fact that even the challenge map specific characters get their own skins instead of just being the one and we deal with it. There really working to make this game all around awesome, so when October when this game releases I’ll be excited to see what Tim is capable of although I know staff play is going to be included.

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