Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is Jill Valentine out of Resident Evil: Retributions?

The newly titled Resident Evil: Retributions is the fifth installment in the live action movies in the Resident Evil series. Latest news has us believing that Sienna Guillory who starred in Resident Evil: Apocalypse, skipped Extinction, and was teased at us being battle suit Jill controlled by Wesker in the Resident Evil 5 game. Now it seems like she’s being skipped again, but I say its rumors Milla has been tweeting about an Alice Vs. Jill fight which I would love to see bout time the movie veteran went up against the game veteran in an all out female brawl.

With that being said there’s more adding insult to injury there replacing Jill with another top favorite female character Ada Wong, Don’t get me wrong I love Ada and to see her in a live action movie would be amazing. Though without thinking ahead they had no means of introducing Ada at all so with no back story it’s going to seem like they’re going to force her into the movies in a sense, Ada was introduced in the second game as a double agent who helped/hurt Leon on his quest who he believed was dead from a fall (Silly Leon no one dies in Resident Evil.) She makes her grand return in Resident Evil 4 alive and kicking ass in a butterfly red dress.

Lacking that kind of character development and introduction her first movie appearance would be a lot of work to have everything fall into place correctly so it makes sense, I mean the games had years to fall together in the puzzle that we know and love as Resident Evil. With the movies being different from the games (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing keep in mind.) The sudden first introduction of my beloved Ada Wong both intrigues and scares me since the movies mainly revolve around Alice you can’t have a newcomer like Ada roll up and expect to have some screen time.

At least Jill we knew she was in the second movie and returned to the fifth because in the novels based off the movie Jill had her own convoy of survivors and did what she had to do as their leader. Easy character placement and would be just how you can speed the process up. Aside from Ada appearing Leon S. Kennedy and Barry Burton will also be making their appearances in the movie as well, another set of characters that seem to be added to the franchise to late. Leon is everyone’s favorite “Worst first day ever” character and Barry is just awesome.

When more news surfaces I will let you all know so far with this news I’m not going to say I’m the happiest Resident Evil fan but with a year wait and time to work on what the fans like this could be a good movie to redeem Afterlife. Let’s not forget Wesker’s return to the big screen since we all know Wesker can’t die either, hopefully they can do a flashback or something and show us the Wesker vs. the Alice clones fight I was robbed of, a full powered Alice vs. Wesker fight, and hopefully the Jill involvement. Maybe even a possible what if from fans, how about an awesome LONG fight scene between Leon and Wesker? 

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