Friday, July 22, 2011

So how many counts before you get to a fatality!?

1,2.Freddy's Coming for You!3,4,Better Lock Your Door!5,6.Grab Your Crucifix!7,8.Better Stay Up Late!Nine,Ten.Never.Sleep Again! Well with that being said i can say that yes Freddy Krueger has been confirmed to appear in Mortal Kombat 9 August 9th, for a very reasonable 400 Microsoft Points or $4.99 on the PlayStation Network. I've got to say with all the news I've been anxiously waiting for from San Diego Comic Con, I never would have expected this at all which is why i love companies that throw curve balls and keep us guessing... Or in this case there throwing finger knives at us O.o.

With Mortal Kombat going away from there own universe to bring in others from different worlds and universes Marvel vs. Capcom 3 can take notes from that but i digress for now. It's really interesting that horror movie icons made the cut into Mortal Kombat. I wonder what that meeting was like "Lets add someone whose iconic and whose bloody, violent, would fit in with our cast and who has a high body count to back up his killing ability." With the gloves off and Midway studios proving that they want to take Mortal Kombat in different character direction is a great thing I'm more than excited to see who else there going to add.

^ That right there i wouldn't mind paying 400msp for at all. All and all i cant wait to see what other characters they bring into the mix, Freddy himself sports the 2010 reboot look rather than the Robert Englund were used to, he also sports two of his trademark finger knives. It always takes two to make sure you kill them right 50+50 makes 100% in my murder math equation. Just because Freddy is the fourth and final DLC character doesn't mean there wont be any other DLC cycles and them making sure they listen to fans and set up more Downloadable Content. Keep your life bars high fans your character can make it in with enough support to back it up.

I leave off with a character suggestion for other horror movie icons:

Jason Voorhes:

Come on now that Freddy made the cut its only appropriate that Jason Voorhes get his time to shine and slash. The literal unstoppable killing machine from the Friday The 13th franchise has been through New York, Freddy's nightmare worlds, hell and he's come back stronger and his blood lust unfazed. Shang Tsung can take form of Jason's mother Pamela Voorhes and tell him its time to wake up and kill the Mortal Kombat cast. Man shape shifters love taking advantage of Jason and his mommy issues.


Just picture him playing like a violent and bloody Yoda and you'll have your shins sliced in no time.

Michael Myers:

Have a gut wrenching, blades crossing, blood filled Halloween Mortal Kombat.


Once the revving stops and it gets closer to you, your not gonna have anything on your mind or have a head on your shoulders.



The Alien's and Predator's are one of many Vs. topics why not have them killing off more than just each other?

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