Monday, July 25, 2011

My Cast Monday: Devil May Cry 2 (Revisited)

I know Devil May Cry 2 wasn't the best game and i was really contemplating whether or not to cast it but i cant deny anything no matter how bad. (Call me dedicated readers.) So instead of completely disowning it i say we just remix it and keep some basic elements for a better video game to movie adaptation shall we?


Stuart Townsend:


Eliza Dushku:

Mundus defeated at the hands of Dante last movie is recovering and plotting to get revenge on the demon hunter. In his travels he finds two things he needs in order to permanently defeat Dante a corrupt human business tycoon looking for demonic artifacts and a lust for evil. A demon hunter he corrupts and sends to spy on and kill Dante.

This sequel should include a lot more dark surroundings and even darker enemies to gather the feel for this movie.

Ali or Scarlett should reprise there roles as Trish since she was around during that time plus Dante is going to need help taking out Arius while Trish fights Lucia.


The movie should begin with Dante and Lucia entering a museum looking at an important artifact missing, where they are both then attacked by a group of demons, temporarily forming an alliance with the stranger they both fight there way through the demons Dante smirks and tries to introduce himself to Lucia, until he is attacked by her a fight scene breaks out between them until Matier stops them both.


 Betty White:

Throughout the movie we learn more about Lucia and her background and are introduced to her mother Matier, unknown to her mother though she is being controlled a behind the scenes Mundus. 

Lucia takes Dante to Dumary Island where a first introduced Arius smirks that his plan is coming into play.

Trish should be featured back and forth revealing small things she did to make things easier for Dante until they evidently meet up, as she automatically distrusts Lucia. Being forced to work alongside her the three of them venture on confronting many demons along there way getting separated you the usual.

The truth about Lucia comes out as Trish realizes she was a creation by Arius and Mundus, what better way to stick it to Trish then having his real creation take out his original. Trish and Lucia fight it out until there interrupted and are both knocked out by Arius.

Dante being the hero knows of everything that has been going on and will stop at nothing to defeat Arius, he saves Trish and Lucia who is now free of there control.

Toward the end of the movie were knowing Dante defeated Arius and now ventures into the demon world, in a heartfelt not really good bye Trish hands Dante his fathers weapon Sparda to help him venture into the demon world and bring him back safely. Dante goes off on his motorcycle and goes off.

Matier comforts Lucia and Trish by explaining that his father made the same trip as she fought alongside him and made it back in one piece, Trish wipes her face and stays strong as Lucia says "Hey.. Devils Never Cry right?"

An extra scene shows Lady and Trish in the office looking at the weapons in Dante's weapon collection, trying to find one that suits her she picks up Alastor, until suddenly the sword Sparda is thrown into the office as a motorcycle can be heard and as a homage tot he first film Dante crashes his motorcycle in the office like Trish did.

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