Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just when you think it’s not over a Hawkman Movie might be in the works.


I realize the title may throw you off but I’m actually serious with Green Lantern coming out soon, a new Batman due out next year, and Superman getting another reboot could DC trying to pull the Marvel route and introduce solo movies for the core members of the Justice League to bring them together in the big movie event? *le gasp* Sorry readers that is far from the case in this scenario this time but instead we are treating to a possible Hollywood Hawkman movie.

If they were going to make a Hawkman live action movie I believe that it should be focused on our favorite museum curator Carter Hall the first Hawkman. Michael Shanks who already portrayed Carter Hall live in Smallville has such a clear understanding of Carter and how to portray him correctly I propose that it should be him in the live action adaptation.

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  1. I don't think Hawkman is a good movie character. The Flash is a 100 times more interesting and needs a movie first,