Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A new age is coming…. DRAGON AGE 3!

Not only am I loving my experience in Dragon Age 2 I am also excited to reveal that that Bioware developer Alistair McNally has spilled the blood from an enemy by tweeting about the next coming sequel in the Dragon Age series.
If my excitement didn’t fool you (I’m having a fangasm on the inside trust me.) Bioware is looking for people to help bring Dragon Age 3 to new life. “I’m looking for exceptional environment artists to join me at #BioWare Edmonton, Canada to work on #DragonAge3 #gamejobs #jobs #3D #artists’.
To enchant this weapon further Christina Norman from the Mass Effect team gave this quote a Retweet boost to further confirm this information. Why would a blue bird lie? I mean sure Facebook might lie but not a little blue jay that lets us talk shortly.

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