Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Starlight in talks for movie adaptation

As if Mark Millar and his Kick-Ass fame wasn't getting him enough buzz and notice as an excellent writer, Starlight is in negotiations to be picked up as a movie also. Millar has described the series as either Flash Gordon meets the Dark Knight or, more awesomely, Buzz Lightyear meets Unforgiven. 

“The comic, drawn by Goran Parlov and due to be published by Image in March, is described by Millar as Flash Gordon meets The Dark Knight Returns," as THR reminds us. "It centers on a space hero who saved the universe 35 years ago but came back to Earth, where no one believed his fantastic stories. He settled down, got married, had kids and got old, but then is called back for one last adventure when his old rocket shows up.”

As if we all didn't know that Wanted and Kick-Ass are with the Millar name and have brought him all kinds of success this movie is going to be great also! And with Secret Service joining the movie verse being adapted by Matthew Vaughn and has Sam Jackson in the cast. 

Simon Kinberg will be writing the script and producing Starlight with movies like X-men: First Class and the sequel Days of Future Past.... he also had a hand in X-men: The Last Stand but we felt that with such good works why ruin it right? He'll also be producing another Millar Work Kindergarten Heroes so needless to say were going to have some busy people behind Millar and more great films hitting theaters in the comic world.

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