Thursday, December 19, 2013

Batman: The Dark Knight Comics end in March 2014

Batman: The Dark Knight #28 cover

DC puts a close to a Batman title? Writer Gregg Hurwitz has confirmed the curtain or in this case cape closing for the 52 series.

Batman is forever, but sadly not all of his titles are. Batman: The Dark Knight will be ending with Issue 29. When I first signed on to do a single arc with David Finch, I never imagined I’d stay this long. Because of my work in novels and screenplays, I’m rarely sure what sorts of deadlines I’ll be juggling at any time, so I usually commit to a single six-issue story at a time and write way out ahead of schedule. DC has been great and gracious about accommodating this, and because of their flexibility, I wound up writing on the title for two (really damn fun) years.

The Bat-office has been terrific, and I want to thank Mike Marts and the other host of DC folks (Geoff Johns, Rickey Purdin, Darren Shaw in particular) who lent support over these past years, as well as my stellar colleagues on the writing side—Scott Snyder, Peter Tomasi, Gail Simone, JH Williams III, Kyle Higgins, and so many more I overlapped with. Sonia Oback, Brian Miller of Hi-Fi, Dave McCaig, and John Kalisz did fantastic work on colors, and Dezi Sienty provided expert lettering for much of the run.

In particular, I’m grateful to my artists—first and foremost David Finch. He originated this book, initially handling both writing and drawing duties, and he’s the one who first invited me to the dance. We had a blast with our depiction of the delightfully wicked Mr. Crane and we hope you did too. I loved working with Ethan Van Badass on our Hatter arc, and later with Alex Maleev, who drew Clayface with skillful, staticky delight. The annual and a few fill-in issues saw me reunited with my Penguin: Pain and Prejudice artist, Szymon Kudranski. Looking at that roster of names, I’m pleased to say that Batman gave me opportunity to work with some of the finest comic book artists in the world. Thanks, boys. And thanks, Mr. Wayne.
Wipe away your tears though loyal fans:

"Before we take our bow, we still have great stuff in store for you. The gifted Alberto Ponticelli will be bringing to life a two-parter that is very dear to my heart. And our Dark Knight finale issues will see my good buddy Van Sciver introducing a Man-Bat you've never seen before."
Batman: The Dark Knight #29 will be released in March 2014.

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