Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Gotham: Commissioner Gordon TV Show Confirmed

With Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. getting rave reviews and taking the TV comic book universe by storm DC has retaliated.. with a prequel Commissioner Gordon television series titled Gotham. With networks in a bidding frenzy for the rights for this show it appears the new DC series has a home.. on FOX? hmmm this can make it possibly more difficult to crossover with Arrow on the CW being apart of two different networks and all but it's in the progression stage. Along with that news the series has been given a direct to series order without the pilot being seen and skipping the pilot step all together.

The series will focus on a young Detective James Gordon and "the villains that made Gotham famous." Bruno Heller (Rome, The Mentalist) is writing the Commissioner Gordon, which will most likely launch during the 2014-2015 TV season. Gotham will take place before Gordon meets Batman, who will not be a part of the series...... yet

The only other DC show that was spoken of was The Graysons but that got it's ropes cut.. and didn't happen due to it's release being the same time as the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy but now with this we can see a 24 type of show with hard hits and Batman's lesser known gallery making a show that much more awesome!

Villain choices:
Calender Man
Mad Hatter
Victor Zsasz

Just to name a few with the Man of Steel sequel featuring Batman could the show feature Batman at the beginning of it's 2015-2016 season? All this said and done when more information comes public I'll be sure to keep you posted on this and more. 

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