Monday, September 16, 2013

Jamie Foxx after another comic book role

Jamie Foxx out right said he wanted to play Electro in the Amazing Spider-Man sequel and next year we'll be treated to a great performance, but the oscar winning actor wont stop no he's got another iconic role he wants to play also.

Spawn has had no hint of a sequel or a reboot since it's release in 1997 starring Michael Jai White, think it's about time we get another shot at it? When asked what his dream roles are he answered:

"Spawn is one, yeah. And Mike Tyson. Those are two roles I would just love to do. I'm aggressively pursuing them."

Michael Jai White is and ALWAYS will be Spawn if a reboot is made it goes without saying he should come back, then again we'll see how bad Jamie Foxx wants it.

Spawn picks are:
Michael Jai White
Jamie Foxx
Idris Elba

We'll see if this confirms anything regarding our favorite hell hero and maybe we can get a R-rated Spawn movie.

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