Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Whose trying to kill Batman in Arkham Origins Pt. 2

Just like in Part One I list DC Comics assassins who we could be up against in the up coming Arkham Origins and whose out to kill Batman:

Name: Constantine Drakon
Skills: Master martial artist whose reputation goes without saying is among the best and he's known for throwing so fast no one can even see it coming, as well as catching projectiles aka batarangs and.... maybe arrows.
Why: Another Green Arrow villain hint here and being paid a large sum to kill Batman is a bonus for our assassin Constantine he'll be another one to possibly watch out for.

Name: Unknown better known as Prometheus
Skills: Where to begin...

Body Armor: The costume is made ​​of a lightweight and durable material, which is intertwined with synaptic relays to increase their formidable fighting prowess and covered with microscopic nanobites to affect the opponent's brain. The armor is also able to fly through the manipulation of magnetic forces and generate force fields.

  • Chameleon Device: Prometheus used the device to pass by Captain Marvel and infiltrate the Justice League satellite, the device allows him to imitate the voice and facial mannerisms of a person.
Computerized Helmet: Is connected to his brain and central nervous system.
  • Download Capabilities: Able to download any kind of information into his brain and download movements, mannerisms, and fighting styles into his central nervous system. He has been able to download the Watchtower's schematics onto a CD and from there download them straight into his brain which allows him to automatically know where everything is in the Watchtower. Has been able to download a CD into his central nervous system that contains 30 of the World's Best Martial Arts Masters, one of them being Batman's fighting style.
  • Hypnosis: By flickering the lights at a rate of 10 cycles per second, he can induce hypnosis.
  • Neural Chaff: Given off by the helmet, neural chaff disorganizes thought processes. It interferes with brain electricity. It is like giving thoughts the "Flu." Exclusively used against heroes like Green Lantern who needs to concentrate to use his ring.
  • Short-Term Memory: Enhances his short-term memory
  • Pain Killers: His helmet releases endorphins to take care of any pain he feels.


Cosmic Key: Possessed the key to The Ghost Zone, allowing him teleportation abilities via another dimension as well as a hidden extra-dimensional base. It can also be used to inflict total molecular disintegration of a target.


  • Microscopic Nanobits: Attacks central nervous system, infecting the brain of a human and/or metahuman through electronic impulses, causing the individual to lose control of his abilities for 5 minutes.
Energized Nightstick
  • Reprogram Computer Systems: Program electronic equipment when in physical contact.
  • High Hit-Impact: Able to destroy boulders and anvils with a single light strike.
Wrist Gauntlets: Fires and/or launches different kinds of ammo and artillery.
  • Phospherous Dart: Catches opponents on fire
  • Molecular Toxins Dart: Attacks morphoplastic nervous system. It gives complete spastic paralysis. The victim doesn't have any control over their physical structure. It stops his molecules from forming polymer chains. This effect turns the victim into a puddle and can last about an hour. Used against opponents with malleable bodies like Plastic Man and Martian Manhunter.
  • Mini-Rockets
  • Grenades
  • Special Bullets: Bullets capable of causing serious injury, even to Martians and Kryptonians.
And that's the suit he uses to be extra bad ass although he is still a skilled armed and unarmed combatnant, Intimidation, expert marksman, and a genius i give up on the game if he's in it.

Why: We all know Black Mask yes? He's a genius who knows gathering all these assassins could get ugly so I propose that he makes Prometheus his bodyguard in case things go sour with the assassins or Batman even, you read the skills and the suit powers right? Wouldn't you want that to be at your side defending you? 

Name: Anatoli Knyazev aka KGBeast
Skills: With his hand cut off by his own... other hand he'd make for a great early boss for the Dark Knight and his gun arm and master marksmanship is a deadly combo I'll have to keep my trigger fingers ready to dodge his bullets.
Why: Black Mask is going to like Anatoli's style of self mutilation to survive and is going to employ him with the job of taking out the bat due to his experience with demolitions and being a KGB agent to boot.. that's a lethal combo to employ and that's what Black Mask is going to need on his side.

Name: Talia Al Ghul
Skills: Being a more than capable martial artist, weapons expert, and beautiful to boot Talia is great to include as she also has the entire league of assassins inf ninja squad at her command.
Why: Black Mask would have either done business with or is being played by Rhas Al Ghul because he would use Talia to further his own goals of destroying Gotham. Let's not forget the foreshadowing to a certain awesome son that Batman and Talia could have mentioned in a future Arkham game.

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