Monday, June 3, 2013

What fans are expecting from The Wolverine

Another Wolverine movie is upon us and I've been waiting to see Hugh Jackman in his funnest role and best known to us comic nerds. What's to happen though? I'll get the claws rolling on what should happen and what i think should be expected for us fans.

Wolverine goes through the Japan Arc. and to us fans that know and anyone new reading this for the first time be prepared to follow Wolverine's journey through love, honor, and vulnerability.

Silver Samurai is a villain in the movie so we already know Wolverine has the trust and respect of various Japanese officials and then loses it.. does he come to his senses or is it because of love?

Mutants? Hugh Jackman mentioned when the movie was first announced they wouldn't be sure if they sure if they would add mutants... but who else could they add without hurting the plot and giving enough screen time  to?
Psylocke - Someone we'd love to see in the movies represented correctly of course, the way the plot and casting is going seeing her might be wishful thinking as even a cameo she deserves more than that.
Yuriko aka Lady Deathstrike - Wolverine's love during the Arc and from what i can see looking at casting and confirmed characters she might have a shot of making it as she'd be an essential part of the love for Wolverine and seeking revenge.

Weapon X included? It'd be nice to see Lord Dark Wind due to the fact that he made a bonding adamantium to bone project similar to Wolverine's and since "He's vulnerable and cant heal properly" can the lord make his appearance and have fans thinking Wolverine may have too much to handle?

Being a master martial artist at some point in the journey to rising above all of his odds it'd be preferred to have a Wolverine less dependent on his claws that can still throw down in hand to hand combat.

We've got a journey ourselves ahead of us when The Wolverine hits theaters full of action, emotion and to top it off it's a great arc to start with hopefully more happens like an awesome after credit scene.

After credit scene 1:
Wolverine is in the present drinking in a bar and one of two scenario's happen:
Sniffing a familiar scent he simply says "What do you want now Fury?"
Nick Fury bring an eagle S.H.I.E.L.D. folder discussing the possibility of Wolverine joining the Avengers Initiative.

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