Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Pokemon X&Y Information

For anyone already intimidated by the picture above it only gets better from there with the list of new info Nintendo has released regarding Pokemon X&Y and you guys are going to be just as excited as I am! Pokemon X&Y have some newly confirmed featured and man it's going to be fun to go into them!

  1. Horde Battles!? - Having an encounter with not one Pokemon not two for double battles... but up to 5 Pokemon at once!! This seems like your one will battle the horde on it's own, not sure if it's going to have some of it's attacks multi for the purpose of the horde but this seems like a lot of fun and catching some rare Pokemon is going to be a blast! And no I didn't forget my fellow grinders.. can you imagine defeating the whole horde with one Pokemon?.... The experience I can taste it now. 
  2. The highly rumored fairy type is a reality, it's going to be applied to Pokemon like Jigglypuff, Gardevoir, and the newly announced Slyveon. Think they're not going to be strong? Little piece of advice keep your dragons away from the fairy type trainer it's super effective!
  3. Sky battles! I know sounds awesome right?! By the name you can obviously tell that your Pokemon will now sometimes taking dramatic battling to the sky! For flying Pokemon or like haunter for example and others who can levitate off the ground, These battles can only be executed with special trainers that can be found perched on cliffs and a myriad of other perilously tall objects

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