Thursday, June 13, 2013

E3 2013: Killer instinct Xbox One Information

We've asked for it... begged even and now here it is they've one upped us and gave us a new Killer Instinct for the Xbox One only! This Xbox One exclusive will not feature a free to play option that was at first rumored, instead Jago will be your first and only playable character to start out with. All the game modes will be there but with only Jago at launch how much can you really play without it being tedious?

The premise behind this according to Double Helix is to have the game be a "giant demo" attracting those who don't really play fighting games and draw them to Killer Instinct Xbox One, I'm not sure about you guys but whether i play the fighting game or not a full roster is what draws me in with unique characters to choose from all with different styles would hook a gamer or not regardless.

Starting with EVO the biggest fighting game event ever will be home to a new flood of information regarding special editions, new character reveals, etc so don't forget to look out for that and of course I'll be here to update you all on anything I find.

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