Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kevin Conroy not voicing Batman in Arkham Origins

Veteran voice actor and the voice of the Dark Knight Kevin Conroy could not be returning to Batman: Arkham Origins, as fans are angry and hurt towards this I've got to say it makes perfect sense. Think about it Kevin Conroy is a master Batman he is the Batman... Batman doesn't make mistakes and neither does Kevin Conroy (considering he's Batman and all) A Batman just starting out doesn't fit the resume of awesome that Kevin has built for himself and he needs to be ready for the Arkham sequel!

Although this hasn't been confirmed by Kevin or Warner Bros. it should make a different turn in the voice department for now especially since the rumor is the studio has hired a new no name voice actor to play Batman. Only time can tell but here are some great Batman voice performances that would be good to give a second shot to.

Rino Romano (The Batman)
Bruce Greenwood (Batman Under the Red Hood)

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