Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What fans are expecting from Kick Ass 2

Kick Ass 2 is coming to theatres August 2013 and I'm a huge fan of the series and the comic Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall... but what should you guys be expecting? Certain events that i read in the comic that teased us need to happen and some possibly newer things that can happen. So take a look at my checklist of things that us the fans are expecting from the movie hit Kick-Ass 2.

With the aftermath of what Dave Lizewski started being a superhero, other masked individuals are forming and it won't only be Kick-Ass and Hit Girl.

Superheroes breed super villains and I know we haven't forgotten about Red Mist now taken on the persona of The Motherfucker, speaking of that Christopher Mintz-Plasse has A LOT of deep and dark places to go to in order for this performance to go off without a hitch.

The Mother Fucker is a ruthless killing machine who does everything possible to create chaos for Kick-Ass because of what happened to his dad at the end of the first movie, Christopher Mintz-Plasse must up his game and darken his newly created persona because as fans of the comic series some real messed up sh*t happens and Chris is going to have a ball playing this character.

Aaron Johnson has a lot of emotion to portray also the emotional strain and trauma of what he's in for both as Dave and Kick-Ass, can he handle everything? Will he break his no killing rule after everything he endures? Will this make him a stronger hero?

Controversial event(s) take place during this comic and the movie should portray them because it's a real life and gritty adaptation of superheroes and villains alike, Judging from the latest trailer he takes one iconic event and quite possibly makes it a double whammy of evil.

Hit Girl... she's fine and only has to worry about struggling between the "Normal" life she promised Marcus and the life she knows she's destined for which is Hit Girl.

The battles and fights are a lot more hard hitting especially with that of Mother Russia and Hit Girl, the tension between these two powerhouses needs to be portrayed as a rivalry between a fully trained adult versus a fully trained little girl whose taken on her fair share of threats... can one of them be lacking something the other one can take advantage of?

The iconic battle of good vs evil especially with the heroes should be as realistic as it can be the Justice Forever goes on missions and to see a couple of them would be a treat to the viewers because they get involved in some pretty messed up stuff.

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