Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Injustice: Gods Among Us Review

Ever wonder what would happen if Superman decided that the human race can no longer govern themselves and he needs to take over the earth unifying it under one government that is controlled by him? Well your answer is right here by Ed boon and  NetherRealm Studios as Injustice: Gods Among Us. Now now I know what you are thinking "oh no the last time they did something like this it was the worst idea ever" but lets be honest here we know everyone in NetherRealm Studios and Ed Boon himself learned that DC vs Mortal Kombat was an epic fail that we just don't talk about. Now before I get on with the Review I'm sure you all know this is in fact another 3D fighter with a Mortal Kombat feel to it. But anyhow lets get on with the Review shall we?

The story of the game itself in a nut shell is that Superman finally goes against his boy scout code and decides on his own that earth is no longer able to fully be controlled by humans after 8 million people died in the explosion of Metropolis city(yes that does mean Lois Lane and their baby as well). Shockingly enough you would think it would be because of someone like Lex Luthor, Doomsday or even Darkseid would be responsible but the one who is responsible for it all is the Clown Prince of Crime himself...Take a moment to bask that in for a bit, yes people I am talking about the Joker himself.

Don't be fooled by the pie!!!

So after the events of that happening the game itself takes place 5 years after that event and Superman has basically established a new world order making heroes clash against each other. And of course there is always a resistance and it is led by none other than Batman himself (oh come on you know that was going to be a given like that was going to be any shock). And before anyone flips out about it yes it is in an alternate universe as well. The game features an amazing cast of characters including Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Nightwing, Flash, Green Arrow, Raven, Harley Quinn and other characters.

Messed up? maybe but come on who doesn't like to see Bane break Batman over and over again :evil grin:

Another fun feature in the game is the STAR Labs which is basically the challenge tower for the game  and lets not forget the wonderful costumes they have designed for each character giving most people their new 52 outfits and some of them the old school looks as well. One thing I do have to say is that they really took their time with the stages, They decided that you can almost interact with the background and use certain items to cause damage and honestly the fact that they even added the area you are in to get destroyed as the battle goes on is really something as well. One of my favorite things to do in the game also is called level transition where you can send an opponent from one area to another. I'd show you a video describing it but that's ruining the fun in seeing it on your own and seeing all the different cameos from different heroes and villains that appear as well.

One thing that's HIGHLY upsetting about is that they did not add my favorite character in. I mean come on they put Aquaman who is freaking useless before they put him in. Who is my favorite character you ask? 

Well let me just not put it in words but show you instead:

Yes Red Hood a.k.a Jason Todd

Lets be honest he would be a PERFECT addition to this game and they didn't even bother putting him in!!! (Again)

Well now that the rant is gone away lets go to the final parts of the review shall we? 

Good parts:
  • Very well created story 
  • A well balanced cast of heroes and villains that are available to play as
  • Beautiful visuals along with an interactive backgrounds makes you feel as if the area would be destroyed the more they are fighting
  • Kevin Conroy is Batman and Tara strong is Harley Quinn and Raven...come on those two are amazing as the voice actors for these characters
  • Offers different ways of challenging yourself when you play the battle mode to give yourself a challenge and make you better
Bad parts:
  • Some of the fights are debatable if they were to actually go head to head if they would actually win 
My final verdict as of try, buy, or shy? I would definitely recommend you to buy the game its absolutely worth buying in my opinion

Now I'm not entirely sure if they will do DLC for this game but I am assuming so since you can buy a season pass already for this game I figured I would end this by recommending some of my own ideas for characters to add for this game as DLC


Need I say it again? 

Would love to see Starfire in the game 

Both Supergirl and Superboy 

Static Shock.....worth a shot even though DC hates on him 

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