Monday, April 22, 2013

Dead or Alive 5+ Review

Hello everyone I am a new edition to DarkPhoenix Inc. My name is Shadow and I am here to bring you the games that MrDarkPhoenix is too lazy to write and well since he is such a Xbox fanboy as well I am here to bring you the reviews dealing with games that are coming out for the Playstation 3 and PS Vita. Well along with the reviews of games I am also here to give you the latest news with games as best as I could possibly give also!!

The next line in the Dead or Alive series comes in your hands for the Playstation Vita in Dead or Alive 5+.I know I know the question you all have in your mind when it comes to this is "oh great another port coming to the vita that's going to be bad also" but I am here today to prove you are wrong about that thought if you read on you will see why I am saying this.

If you don't read on Mila will do this to you!!! 

The story takes place 2 years after the events that occurred in the Fourth Dead or Alive World Championship  Tournament but this time shockingly enough the person who is in control of the committee and is trying to rebuild it for the better is none other than Helena herself!!. I guess it sucks having to fix everything that Victor Donovan did in order to make the public believe that DOATEC is trying to do good and she makes Zack her promoter to hold the best tournament ever. But as always you can always say in every DOA game everything is always Kasumi's fault!!! But moving on, all your favorite people make a come back in this game  such as Ayane, Tina Armstrong, Kasumi, Helena, Ryu Hayabusa, Christie and a lot of other characters are in the game also. 

One thing I should also mention is the game itself is smooth and runs at 60 frames per second (to be honest that is pretty amazing for a handheld!!) and the visuals are beautiful from the 3D backgrounds to the designs of the characters. The biggest thing that can be said about this port is the fact that it is cross compatible with the Playstation 3 version!! That's right take some time to bask it in a bit but you can play someone who has the PS3 version and kick some ass without even having to pick up a controller. Another thing is that you can also play online with it as well so you can play anyone from around the world that has the PS3 or Vita version. The Vita version also has another feature called Touch Fighting where you use the swipe features of the vita to fight the opponent and it does this in a first person style as well.

What Team ninja also did for the game for those who would own both the ps3 and the Vita version is that you can cross save your data for both games to fully customize your characters any where you go no matter what or where you go and lets not forget all the costumes and DLC that is available to dress up your favorite characters in different outfits.

Come on who wouldn't enjoy seeing two beautiful women in bunny bikinis fighting 

Lets sum up this review 
Good points:
  • Beautiful Visuals and no lag time with everything running at 60 frames per second all the time
  • All your favorite characters make a come back 
  • Cross compatible with the PS3 version and able to cross save to keep customizing your character no matter where you go
  • Already has a lot of DLC available in the store to buy so you can dress up your favorite characters
 Bad points:
  • The Touch Fighting feature is a good feature but it does take a while to get used to it

As far as it goes to Try, Buy or Shy I would recommend to buy this game and take it from me I am not a person who plays fighters and enjoys them like how i enjoyed playing this game. Team Ninja did an amazing job porting this game to the Vita and keeping it as beautiful and fun as the PS3 and Xbox360 version.

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