Friday, March 1, 2013

Platinum Games intrigued by Vigil Games and Darksiders!

Just when you thought Darksiders and Vigil games couldn't be saved none other than Platinum Games has come to possibly save the day, remember when I told you guys about the Crytek Studio in the U.S. with the 35 former Vigil Games employees? Well as bits and pieces of THQ franchises were being bid on and dispatched among the gaming world Platinum Games (Bayonetta, Metal Gear Solid Rising Revengance) have peaked an interest in Darksiders and could possibly pick it up! 

No other studio can do Darksiders expect Platinum Games, the action in their games is superb and the story is amazing. Now take all of that when dealing with the horseman of Apocalypse and a third and hopefully fourth Darksiders game and we are all set for a gaming masterpiece. 

Now don't get me wrong I'm sure we all have our concerns with such a move Platinum Games’ head Atsushi Inaba took to Twitter to say:

 ”In THQ studio and IP selling off auction, Darksiders is unsold? [We] wanna buy it…on the cheap…”

Platinum games has been having a great game library but with mediocre sales for some reason.. As much work they would put into a Darksiders sequel they have to think first can another medium selling (but amazing game) can be on the table with them? If being picked up for "cheap" EA or Activision could pick up the game also if that's the case here's hoping Platinum picks up the game that much faster.

Following the Darksiders story Stryfe the gunslinger would possibly be the next horseman they feature and with his style of gun and sword Platinum has too much to ignore that and a lot to go on to make it great. 

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  1. I would love to see Platinum Games make Darksiders 3 and 4. I'm confident that they will pick it up and if they do I'll be more than happy to see and play another Darksiders game. It sounds like that Platinum Games could the right publishers to buy and make the game.

    1. I would also! Darksiders is such a gem and deserves more than it's getting plus Stryfe the sword and gunslinger horseman is next!

  2. I agree! Strife should be the next horseman in Darksiders 3 and Fury the last in Darksiders 4 and have the 5th darksiders game bring the 4 Horseman together after 7th Seal is shattered and have them prepare for an all-out scale war against Heaven, Hell and the Charred Council.