Thursday, March 14, 2013

Has Black Adam been confirmed for Injustice Gods Among Us?!

Injustice God's Among us is right around the corner so the character slip ups and teases are in full affect, but can this one reveal a powerhouse such as Black Adam?!

For those that don't know he's the arch enemy of none other than (Captain Marvel aka Shazam) while they both share the magic word Shazam, Black Adam shares a difference to where he gets his gifts:

S is for the stamina of Shu
H is for the swiftness of Heru
A is for the strength of Amon
Z is for the wisdom of Zehuti
A is for the power of Aton
M is for the courage of Mehen

Having Black Adam would make things that much better and this war on the super heroes and villains that much bloodier since Teth Adam/ Theo Adam takes no prisoners and loves to brawl with the Man of Steel!

Figured out your game Warner Bros and DC! Below is the "Confirmation" the toys featuring Aquaman (Already playable) and Black Adam soon to be announced?

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