Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Amazing Spider-Man 2 casts Norman Osborne!

More Amazing Spider-Man 2 casting news and man is this big news indeed, Chris Cooper has been casted to be the big bad Norman Osborne aka "Green Goblin" in the sequel. While not Willem Dafoe like I'd hoped because fans myself included felt that Willem Dafoe deserved to kill Emma Stone should not worry Chris Cooper has that darkness to him to fill in Norman's shoes and hopefully later on the glider and pumpkin bombs.

No word on whether he'll be the villain or just someone who plays the background and plays his cards right but seeing this isn't only exciting it's making us wonder what direction they can go in with the character and arch nemesis of Spidey.

Norman being sick in the first Amazing Spider-Man makes us also wonder how he'll be "Cured" and how he'll wreck havoc on our wall crawler and everyone he holds dear.

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