Friday, February 8, 2013

Injustice God's Among us confirms Bane and Lex Luthor

The roster for Injustice God's Among Us is growing and some iconic DC heroes and villains are here and they are ready to beat the ever loathing crap out of one another, new to the roster are the diabolical and bald Lex Luthor and the only i repeat ONLY villain to ever break Batman and that is the senor himself Bane. Not much is known about them all we know is that Lex is in a power suit with gameplay that would seem familiar to MK Vs. DC but Bane is something different in itself:

True to his hulking form, Bane is a power character and a master of grappling who uses wrestling-inspired moves without a projectile in sight. The Batman villain’s character trait is to pump venom through his body. When triggered, it amps up his power and makes him even more dangerous.

Superman’s nemesis is not only key to the story mode, but he’s also a heavy-duty fighter, thanks to his armored suit. Luthor relies heavily on gadget-based attacks, and can launch missiles and suck foes towards him. His special trait is a shield that can be powered up by holding a button.

This roster keeps getting more interesting didn't expect Bane but Lex was a given cant wait to see these characters in action with a trailer coming soon!

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