Friday, January 18, 2013

Wolfenstein howls to the movie screen.. coooool

In more video games turning into movies news Wolfenstein is the next in the ranks to join the movie screen, cant say I'm shocked but i kind of am but we'll see how it can work. Written and directed by the co-genius behind Pulp Fiction Roger Avary i must say now there is some much needed faith in the picture, the game took us through battling the paranormal during war time with Captain America and Captain Britain during World War II OK fine any old American Captain and a British special agent but still you've got to make connections somehow don't you? From what we can guess this movie could have a mix of Captain America and Inglorious Bastards which wouldn't be bad at all since both movies were great but we'll see how this all plays out and you all know once more info comes to surface i will give it the light of day and post it here.

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