Thursday, January 3, 2013

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Pokedex Entry #1 - Volvidon

Have you ever played Pokemon? Good because this Monster Hunter 3U blog is going to be a pokeball of fun and references so let's get catching!

Volvidon the obviously fanged beast is one of the things your blade will be slashing and killing in the March 2013 game Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, before we get into that let's talk for a second about what our job will consist of.. Kill the beast! Kill the Monsters! Slashy Slashy! Ok now that I've got that out of my system let's go into some detail about this unlucky friend of our blade.

The Volvidon is going to be a challenge to us not because were going to go down because of him but because of the environment he's inhabiting, the volcanic air in MH3U will prove to be fatal as it has in past Monster Hunters doing damage to us (DPS if you ask me) until certain dehydration and also very likely death... so potions and cool drinks are going to be needing a spot in your inventory if we stand a chance!

Rollout has always been an annoying and effective move and with this beast having the shell of a rock and molten Bouncing Boy i feel like your going to have to watch every inch of you i have a feeling he can roll out in every direction and just to add salt to the wound he can probably jump in round form also. Spitters are paralyzers to say the least so watch out for that spit because it's going to add a paralysis to you and imagine your stuck in place when it rolls or worse.. it's Kuma fart of doom! (@_@) Should you get caught up in the gas you wont be able to use your in game items! So your hard bought potions, cool drinks, phoenix downs.. bam done. Stay tuned for March of this year to get a better perspective on this bad boy until then be the hunter and don't become the hunted!

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