Monday, December 10, 2012

The Dark Arisen comes in 2013

Capcom's fantasy RPG Dragon's Dogma is getting a big expansion added soon entitled Dark Arisen will be hitting consoles sometime next year but that doesn't stop this hype train! The games dark tone and atmosphere made the game a gem for RPG lovers. Now it's going to offer little information until further notice but i can say the game is keeping the dark tone and will be getting more dragons! Bout to get Game of Thrones in this B!tch, until 2013 i know you can occupy yourself with the other DLC coming to Xbox Live and PSN soon the first new game mode is Speed run where the player aka you tries to you guessed it beat the game as fast as you can with the reward of achievements and other player rewards waiting for you. Hard mode gives you a challenge as most hard modes go.

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