Friday, December 14, 2012

Project Versus J hits the rumor tower like an angry bird

*Movie announcer voice*

In a world where 45 years of Shonen Jump has blessed our hearts with anime and manga and great times all over the years a new game has been kinda... maybe... possibly confirmed...

*Regular voice*

Ok so all of that aside a new crossover game from Namco Bandai has in store from us it's called Project Versus J and it combines the universes of Dragonball Z, One Piece, and Toriko to do battle and kick major anime butt. I wish i can tell you more about this so far awesome game but I'll do my best! It's for the PS3 and PSVita so far that we know, Don't sweat it if your worried that your favorite characters didn't make the list the roster will be expanded with fan input at a later time so don't worry Vash, Sesshomaru, Yoko/ Kurama and other anime favorites can make the roster at a later time. Lets take some baby steps and find out what kind of game were dealing with and the fighting system before we start the fan wars over who can beat who!

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