Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Naruto gets a costume change

If you thought Naruto couldn't cross dress in a sense then you weren't right to believe it but instead Naruto gets his hands on some Dragon Balls and wishes for a new costume in Ninja Storm 3. Naruto himself will be getting some Godku clothes to rock and kick butt with in his newest game whether it's a pre order bonus or a code in game is still unknown but don't worry I'll be updating you guys once i know more, don't think it's just clothes or nothing else though it comes with some awesome perks! For example Naruto gets a two handed rasengan which strongly resembles our favorite blue blast of pure awesome energy the Kamehameha wave! That's not all though the ultimate jutsu is unique to the costume also letting Naruto and Minato join together for a father son Kamehameha  aka rasengan.. still awesome though! Cant 2013 come sooner.. for a lot of reasons!?

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