Monday, December 31, 2012

Lightning returns... with a new wardrobe!

I first told you about how the Time Management element will affect Lightning Returns Now i can say a little bit more about the game and how you change outfits as often as Spider-Man.... well not that many but a lot of clothes will be worn. Here's one of them now:

Don't think I'm going to leave you hanging during this time of giving and the holidays, some new gameplay details were revealed for Final Fantasy Lightning Returns. Lightning can freely operate within the city this means she can jump on things like telephone polls and other obstacles, she also can use stealth during certain missions that require you to be quiet and not my slash first and ask questions later policy.. gets the job done though doesn't it? Monsters will of course be returning and are even uninvited guests in Woodbury.. i mean.. just look at the screen and keep your eyes peeled for more info this week!

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