Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Reboot Lara Croft pulls a Sonic and cant swim

Great title right? Well aside from the confirmation that the game is going to be 12-15hrs long which isn't bad at all with the game taking a survival horror route this time around, depending on options or even different ways to possibly stalk and kill your prey Tomb Raider could pull a dues ex and have a beat the game solely using stealth option maybe. Lara's ability to swim is really wonky honestly she can swim but only in game aka cut scenes but not during regular gameplay.. does that mean that perhaps during the beginning of the game she has the ability to swim but loses it and it's up to the player to find it again or phrased better regain that memory and skill? Speaking of skills screw med kits and and all that jazz we have a healing factor! Also confirmed is the regenerative health were going to to be having instead of searching all over, gutting dears, or even killing possible people for med kits.. you don't know what one would do for a med kit when there health is low.

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