Friday, November 23, 2012


HOLY ZOMBIES READER! Have you read the Walking Dead comic like i have?! Then you can understand my excitement for this piece of news i am bringing you. Tyrese the awesome, efficient comic book survivor and my personal wanted character besides Michonne and the Governor is finally making his way to the TV show The Walking Dead! For those that don't know and i wont spoil it for you so don't worry Tyrese is a bad ass! He and Rick are going to bump heads when it comes to leadership and how things get done and trust me you are going to love Tyrese like we comic fans do. The Wires own Chad Coleman is going to be portraying Tyrese and i say it's a great casting, he has great acting ability and he is going to give Tyrese the justice he deserves on screen. Speaking of screen time rumor has it he's going to appear in the third seasons eighth episode so that is something to look forward to this season a lot more! Can't wait to see him in action and for you guys to also!

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