Friday, November 2, 2012

Arrow picked up for an entire season!

Since it's premiere on the CW Arrow has been shooting nothing but perfect shots earning itself a 4.02 million viewers! WOW that's a lot the network hasn't seen numbers like that since the Vampire Diaries aired on TV for the first time. Normally shows get a standard 13 episode arc for the first time but for the numbers Arrow has been getting its no surprise they want to keep it on TV as long as they can and hype it up as much as possible. More episodes means more villains and  more drama including the inclusion of Deathstroke the Terminator! Very excited to bring you guys this news and i don't think i can wait to see what direction the show goes in, the staff has busted there butts to differentiate the show from the "Batman" stereotype we all thought it was going to be. Being it's own Arrow is going to be a heavy hitter since Smallville is off the air and who knows maybe other DC shows can follow the trend and be on TV every week for us.

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