Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wolverine gets a blast from the... "Insert Time Frame here"

Meanwhile in Australia Famke Janssen... that's right the actress who portrays Jean Grey appeared in Sydney ... To the set of WOLVERINE!? Either they are getting into character early or i smell a cameo appearance. Hints say that Famke will be in some kind of time based flash for Wolverine but with The Wolverine taking place after Origins making another prequel or it taking place in a time line where it's logical to how they could meet is still a mystery  all in all you guys know I'm excited to see my girl back as Jean Grey. Proving that plans to recast them is going a lot smoother than we thought, sooner or later the Phoenix will be out of the bag and we'll see if our boy Logan is getting a flashback of his future with the X-men and or it's future as a movie franchise. Hitting theaters next year rumors will speculate long before and after so stay tuned here for the best and remember.. Geek out and Enjoy your Lives!

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