Friday, October 19, 2012

Live Action Planet Hulk after Avengers 2!!??

Remember when i said that they didn't have plans for a hulk movie until after the avengers 2? Well now we might have some insight on exactly the the Hulk there planning! With all the story lines in Hulk and the characters they can introduce they could be going with the exile storyline "Planet Hulk" and maybe even World War Hulk into live action movies?! I mean World War Hulk wouldn't even be fair with the limited characters for Hulk to come back and defeat since that particular storyline revolves around rage, ass kicking and more ass kicking. As the cinematic movie world in Marvel continues to grow i would love to see great things like that on screen live action but:

  1. What would they do without Hulk the power hitter they all bank on? 
  2. What would this mean for the possible introduction of the Illuminati? (Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, Namor, Black Bolt, Doctor Strange and Professor Xavier.)
  3. Who would take the role as the major powerhouse? (Sentry, Ares, Hercules?)
  4. When could the exile happen?
All these questions and more will have to wait until further announcements along the line but in the mean time we have one more year for the movies to start again and then three more years for the Avengers 2 all we can do now is speculate and you guys can enjoy my theories until then.

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