Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Justice League movie competes with more than it can chew

Just when you thought DC had lost all the marbles it had left the Justice League is going ahead as planned and will try to go for a summer 2015 release date... wait what else comes out during that time.. Avengers 2 and its well planned out awesomeness versus a poorly planned right off the bat Justice League movie. Now while I'm all for crazy plans for the most part i have got to admit this move is puzzling if not baffling even for me, I'll try and list some good points and bad points for you:

Good points:

  • Due to the hype behind the Avengers movie fans are now even more excited for the solo sequels of Captain America, Iron Man and Thor. DC can use that momentum and hype us up for the separation right off the bat.
  • Just because they failed with Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Flash doesn't mean the movies have to die out also, once the Justice League movie comes out fans will give that much hyped up incentive for the studios to green light the solo movies.
Bad Points:
  • It's to early for Justice League and without Batman they literally have to wait for him in order to make this work.
  • Origins for the characters are going to be so much harder now without solo movies, Can you imagine if Avengers had to explain the origins of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Shield, Hulk, Black Widow, and Nick Fury in a 2:30min time frame.. borderline impossible.
This movie feels way to rushed i mean Marvel gave in the effort and care to each character and brought them together for the right reasons Batman can't just have his parents shot, realize he's batman then all of a sudden join a team it seems like so much to cram into our heads. Then again if it focuses on Superman perhaps drawing everyone to him and using the team synergy to the movies advantage then origins can be short and sweet for the bigger picture of the movie which is them coming together against a common enemy.

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  1. I feel that in order to do it right a superman film needs to start the frame work for JLA then continue it with batman and then wonder woman and then feature flash, green lantern and aquaman in the main 3 character's films (similar to how hawkeye showed up in thor and agent coleson, black widow and shield showed up in iron man). Martian Manhunter could be introduced in the JLA film where the friendship between him and superman can be established