Friday, September 21, 2012

JLA Movie so rushed might have 2 different Batman

Well nerds what we've always feared is upon us, Justice League the movie to try and despertly compete with the slowly but surely approach Marvel used for the Avengers while not only being ill prepared for the battle ahead might even have to use two different Batman Actors for the sake of Chris Nolan and his Batman franchise dominating movies for a while. Instead of taking it right to the competition why not learn from Marvel and make separate movies with your biggest heroes and introduce the Justice League as a big movie of epic proportions, I'm pretty sure i'm not the only one that felt the continuity made the Avengers even more awesome!

DC needs to buckle up and start giving a sh!t about the movie industry otherwise they'll be forever lost and can't be saved. I would hate to see that happen to DC and we'll see first hand if superman is the ticket to DC caring again and wanting to introduce everyone separate or prematurely have a Justice League movie solely out of spite.

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