Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bayonetta gets a sequel hopefull! Get your gun heels!

One of the best, new and funnest games that graced us in 2010 was the hot glasses wearing Bayonetta. With great over the top combo action game play, great story, and graphics that made me glad to be looking from all sides of Bayonetta we were all sure it deserved a sequel and rumors have us believing that it might be more possible than we think! Dante and Bayonetta's daddy Hideki Kamiya teases us with the details around a sequel for the femme fatale and i cant be more excited. Bayonetta is one of those gems that deserves to be pushed to its limits and have a hair raising, naked killing game that makes us wonder how we could ever live without it. One has to ask what are things that Bayonetta needs to make a sequel great...

  1. Feature Dante!! Hideki Kamiya worked on Devil May Cry and fans like myself have been wanting and needing these two to meet and kill things together since the time we saw bayonetta fight. Dante has been featured 
  2. Feature Vergil!! Haven't been heard of or seen except for in Devil May Cry 3 and Ultimate MVC3 it would be nice to feature him as the key reason Dante is around to help bayonetta and give her a run for her money having to meet and maybe battle the brothers (Best fight cutscene ever!!!!)
  3. Like above pull a Asura's Wrath and add other characters to play as during the main game i would love to see Dante cut loose in bayonetta's action setting.
  4. Cliff Bleszinski always wanted to be apart of the first Bayonetta so why not let him give his two cents on the sequel. 

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