Friday, April 13, 2012

No more will our Marvel Movie hero games die

Ever notice that the Marvel movie tie-in games made by sega have been.. well bad? (Except Captain America which was a really fun game.) In a quote from VP Games "There are no current plans for any Marvel games to be published by Sega" With Sega no longer attached to making movie tie-ins does that mean that the ultimate plan for Marvel is to kill the movie and video game markets with great content? Well whoever they decide to make the games next.. (Rocksteady is tied to Warner Bros. so don't think about it.. sorry.)

I'm positive they will pick a studio that will bring a great and enthusiastic approach to the games we all know and love based on the movies we all know and love. Although one problem no matter who makes the games is always going to be the time limit the companies have to make the games in time for it to literally tie in to the movie of the game.

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