Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cant hide a face we already know is their!

Oh man my Walking Dead zombie fans we've got a whole bunch to talk about... Sadly below are tiny spoilers you have been warned fellow fans =D

Thats the face and body of Michonne! Danai Gurira

First let's say that the "Mysterious Figure you all saw is none other than the bad ass Michonne the sword slashing zombie pet having bad ass from the comic books. To finally see her (Even if it was for a second has got my living heart pumping and i'm so damn hype words cant describe. I cant wait to see them explore Michonne and we see more of her sword in action (trust me we will.) Another something they payed homage to is the prison... comic fans know and are just as hype as i am!... if you didnt read the comics boy are you in for some stuff when the show comes back in September.

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