Friday, March 30, 2012

Sorry guys going to have to stick with playing with yourself and not other people

So fans of PvP and multiplayer are going to be disapointed but rejoiced at the same time, Blizzard informed us  the multiplayer mode wasn't the way they wanted it to be so instead of making the whole game suffer sadly when it comes out the mode wont be available until they get everything right. I think its good they don't want to half ass the experience by giving us a mode that is incomplete but giving us the game without mulitplayer or PvP seems.. strange, we've been waiting this long for the game i don't think anyone would mind pushing the game back to be complete with both online and offline playability. Another feature taken out and one of my personal favorites in a blizzard game Companion pets (The ones that walk with you or walk with you?) and Reforging scrolls wont make the cut in the final game either until later on either. All these features and the game is in good not great completion with them saying "Good things come to those who wait" meaning we have to wait for the perfect game developers have busting their asses to make this game the perfect game they've been working so hard to make for us the fans.

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