Friday, March 16, 2012

A new everything in Assassins Creed 3.... In America!

So much excitement to share this leaked sequel with you guys but I'll breathe and be calm as I'm typing just a little disclaimer before i start i don't spoil anything but just in case i will be talking about:

  1. The new character
  2. Where we will be
  3. Development of both the character and the era we will be in.

Being set in England from 1758-1783 this time around we take the blade of new mantle to the Assassins Creed title Connor who wields tomahawks as his signature weapons as well, which confirms he is of Native American decent. During this time line though could give our boy some issues but we'll get to more of that in a second, literally a second ha unlike his assassins before him Altair and Ezio who sought out what they did for justice and revenge, our boy Connor is more of the "Joins the cause" assassin seeing a lot growing up during colonialism and all.

Our new hero Connor is setting the emotion that Altair and Ezio set but with his own rugged down to earth personality. As for setting and what were up against the Frontier is going to be 1.5 times the size of Rome and we will be treated to the seasons and the environment changing with each passing mission. The gameplay doesn't change much from the looks of our new boy Connor we'll be in store for some rough sneaking around and brutal take downs while being quiet all at once... I love challenges and brutally killing people in my way.  

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