Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm MrDarkPhoenix the Horseman of... news.. and the Phoenix Force!

Death will literally be coming in on high horse June 29th when Darksiders II is released but how about i give some new info until then huh? Well how about i start with any gamer who pre-orders Darksiders II will automatically be upgraded to a limited edition... for free *Pauses for hype* Although i didn't say you wouldn't have to put your money some where else, how does a collectors edition sound?

Looks like an awesome collection of bonus stuff! A mask, art book, soundtrack, exclusive costume with bonuses and mission pack... sign me up right now! Especially for the retail price of $99 = $108.86 i might just spend my money towards the Apocalypse this summer. Instead of taking us directly where the first Darksiders left us it's going on a Heroes look into the parallel of things and takes us on a journey of Death and his brother War's relationship as Death is out to redeem him. So a sequel in many ways but a stand alone title in itself.

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