Thursday, February 2, 2012

X-men Vs Avengers: Who do you expect to see in the big battle

We know little about the 2012 mega storyline pitting the top two Marvel teams against each other as the Phoenix Force makes it way to earth, the only other question is... who do you want to see?

Gambit and Rouge:


The Deadpool Corps.:
One thing i'm excited for is how Marvel always has Deadpool doing the most important tasks in the most hilarious fashion, Deadpool might be disliked for being annoying but they know he is capable of getting the job done in the end. Who would the Deadpool corps. unsheath there katana's for if paid enough?

 The magnetic image of her father has been known to follow him like her half sister but will the peace seeker go against her father and Scott and join the Avengers?
Scarlet Witch:
 The insanely powerful daughter of none other than Magneto, her involvment could make or break the whole storyline due to her immense power. Thing is though she was both an Avenger and normally she does what is best for her father. With her father on Scott''s side thats where her loyalties will most likely lie.

Another famous powerhouse the X-men would need to tackle the Avengers, with the Hulk separated from Bruce Banner and the Red Hulk on the Avengers that means The Avengers have two Hulks o.O Juggernaut can probably take on the Red Hulk but the green Hulk is a different story. Surely wouldn't be the first time the unstoppable force and the Hulk went at it.


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