Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Avengers Assemble!.... MMO style

Feels like new fighting game character reveals, the MMO simply names Marvel Universe has us introduced to even more characters than just Wolverine and Deadpool no no now we have even more characters to select we can play as:

Newly confirmed characters have been announced and man the avengers and everyone else haven't looked so awesome, seriously i cant wait to see how they re imagine everyone else in this new light. So i bet your wondering the same thing i am? What kind of story is this game going to have and will it make sense for a Massive game of this nerdtitude. Brian Michael Bendis is here and will write the story for the game (Phew thought i was going to have to get worried for a minute.) So far all we know is the villain is Dr. Doom... shocker i know right?

Knowing Doom its the same ol thing he got to over his head to get godly powers and messed up something and its up to the heroes to put a stop to it, only thing is Doom needs to be at full power! Not a MvC3 half ass doom but the rival to the sorcerer supreme Dr. Strange. Doom with all his dark magic arsenal is what can make him believable as the villain this time around and will have me and i know others wanting his helmet on the trophy case of life or in this case mmo life.

This game allowing us to play as instead of along with our favorite Marvel heroes and possibly villains is both intriguing and a questionable move, i wont say much without knowing the full reason behind it so far though all i can see is hundreds upon hundreds of the same characters in the same universe.. o.O yes that is an equation for chaos. Hopefully there's going to be some separation tactics or more background to why we can pick our favorite heroes.

He will be the most broken character..... just saying.

With so much left to be revealed and a lot of time to tease us and keep the hype pressure going and more explanations will be awarded to us with due time, in the mean time i'm going to go petition Marvel for me to the only Dark Phoenix on Marvel Universe or me as MrDarkPhoenix.

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